Us Border patrol agent saves woman and son

The agent discovers the woman in the foetal position after searching for the source of a swarm in Texas

A US border patrol agent rushed a mother and son to hospital after finding them covered in thousands of bees in Texas.

The agent was patrolling the Rio Grande River in Brownsville when a “small swarm of bees” entered his patrol car, US Customs and Border Protection said.

After clearing the bees from his vehicle, he went to see where they were coming from – and found a jacket and a bundle covered in thousands of bees.

As he looked, he realized the bundle was a person curled up in the foetal position.

He told the woman from Guatemala to run to his car, and noticed she was shielding her eight-year-old son.

Once the migrants were in the car he called an ambulance, but decided to take them to hospital himself after the child began vomiting.

Hospital staff say they are expected to recover after being admitted to intensive care.

They will be “processed accordingly” once they have been “medically cleared”, CBP said.


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