Ricochet defeat Samoa Joe to win the United States Championship

Ricochet defeat Samoa Joe: Samoa Joe continually welcomed all challengers for his United States Championship, but Ricochet arrived and kicked The Samoan Submission Machine’s door down at WWE Stomping Grounds in a thrilling title contest.

Vying for his first-ever championship in WWE, Ricochet was bombarded by Joe’s smothering attack from the onset, but he fired right back at The Samoan Submission Machine with a dynamic counterstrike, setting a firm tone for the rest of the matchup.

Ricochet mounts a comeback against Samoa Joe with an impressive combination of moves. Ricochet defeat Samoa Joe-Courtesy of Black Eye Media

Joe’s powerful blows had Ricochet reeling more than once, but the surging Superstar continued to fight his way back to his feet. In the clutch, Ricochet staggered Joe with a barrage of quick strikes, but he looked to be in trouble when the titleholder caught him in the Coquina Clutch. Perhaps moments from passing out in the excruciating hold, Ricochet escaped by dropping Joe’s neck against the top rope, and the aerial sensation followed up by kneeing The Samoan Submission Machine in the face and sealing the win with an awe-inspiring 630 Splash to secure his first championship victory in WWE.

Ricochet started the contest as a guest in the United States Champion’s house. Now the house belongs to him, and so does the title.

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