Reducing Voting time is not an empirical evidence of quicken voting and Collation of results

Mr. Apatsea Isaac Kwasi, a Human Resource Development Practitioner has advised the EC led by Miss Jean Mensah to find a good and emperically proven way of quicken voting than resorting to reducing voting time by one hour.

He said since this is the first time Miss Jean Mensah is conducting a general election and it is just One year away, any untested means of trying to reduce voting hours and fasting collation of results may end up in failure on the part of the EC.

Mr. Apatsea Isaac Kwasi again pleaded with the EC to conduct extensive consultations with stakeholders in elections before any new decision I implemented. There will be the need to consult Political parties, Think Tanks, election observers, Christian Council so that more tested way of quicken voting and collation of results is arrived at and implemented.

He further cautioned that change is not easy to be accepted by people and new decisions needs more consultations and sensitization to materialise.

Call Mr. Apatsea Isaac Kwasi on 0244853076 for further details.

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