The General Secretary for Action Patriot For Justice, a pressure Group from the ruling party New Patriotic Party(NPP), James Kwadwo Owusu has stated that, the Presidential Candidate for the Opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) will lose 2020 election for the ruling New Patriotic Party(NPP) led by H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa with a huge margin as 2016.

According to Kwadwo Owusu,, pro-poor policies or social interventions are usually not the focus of a capitalist party in power yet the NPP government has made this possible, exposing the uselessness and the emptiness of the John Mahama led NDC who pride themselves as social Democrats but cannot point to a single pro-poor policy ever introduced for the past sixteen(16) years they’ve been in power.

“Their hebetudinous approach to governance and emetic policies they use to propose is an indicative of the fact that, the NDC is a bunch of deviants who have lost touch with their core mandate, principles, ideologies and purpose as Social democrats who must make the welfare of the ordinary Ghanaian, their prime focus”.

He disclosed that,When the New Patriotic Party(NPP) rolled out the health insurance policy in 2004 to scrape the infamous Cash and Carry system imposed on the very poor whom the NDC wants us to believe they stand for, as social Democrats, rather opposed this pro-poor policy and further boycotted its discussion
in Parliament, claiming it was a hoax designed to blindfold and Hoodwinked Ghanaians to vote for the NPP in the 2004 elections.

Ironically, the so called social Democrats took over power in 2009 but could not sustain the very purpose of which the National health insurance policy was introduced but rather left it almost a collapsed policy, wobbling in clutches after the NDC had lost the 2016, he stated.

“Action Patriot For Justice(APJ) was transfixed with utter dismay when Dr Tony Aidoo, a kingpin of the NDC revealed that, and I quote: “we are suppose to be social democrats and what do social democrats do”?.

” They consider policies and programmes that inure to the benefit of the wider and larger major of the populace. I stopped attending NDC Congress as far back as 2000, because, our congresses never extended to the discussions of policy and programmes”. This was published on Ghanaweb, 3rd October 2018″.

Kwadwo Owusu disclosed that,The John Mahama led NDC was incompetent in government and still making uninspiring promises in opposition, no wonder stalwarts in the NDC like Dr Tony Aido, Mr Allottey Jacobs, fmr. National security co-director, General Nunu Mensah, Koku Anyidohu and the founder himself, Jerry John Rawlings have given up on the NDC.

He added that,When the so-called people’s manifesto becomes unattractive to the people, the only option left, is to result to unnecessary provocative afterthoughts that further exposes Mahama’s incompetence.

He draw the curtains down by describing some incompetence activities exhibited by the Mahama led NDC both in power and opposition, posterity will not forgive us.

However, he raise the New Patriotic Party( NPP) agenda 4more-4Nana to do more Flag, if we fail to make Agenda-4more-4Nana a reality, Ghana will be in a slavery of the NDC again” he said .

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James Kwadwo Owusu



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