Google Agrees to Pay Owners of Faulty Pixel Phones up to $500

Google has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit brought by owners of the original Google Pixel who said the company knowingly sold handsets with defective microphones.

Pending the court’s approval, Google could pay up to $500 to certain Pixel owners for a total settlement of $7.25 million. Pixel and Pixel XL devices manufactured before January 4th, 2017, are covered by the lawsuit.

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Google first admitted that there was an issue with some of the phones back in March 2017 when it said that less than 1 percent of Pixel phones had a “hairline crack in the solder connection on the audio codec.” This caused issues with calling and the phone’s voice assistant functionality.

At the time, it said it would take “additional steps to reinforce the connection,” but less than a year later, it was hit by a lawsuit by owners who were angry that the company continued to sell the phones, despite knowing about the issues.

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The proposed settlement groups owners of the 2016 Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL into four categories to determine the level of compensation to which they’re entitled. The highest payout is due to be owed to anyone who returned a Pixel with a defective microphone, only to receive another defective device from the manufacturer.

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