Ghana Police Service

Ghana Police Service
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Ghana Police Service patch depicting the service logo



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Logo of the Ghana Police Service


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Shield of the Ghana Police Service



Common name Ghana Police Service
Abbreviation GPS
Motto Service With Integrity
Agency overview


Preceding agencies
  • 1894 – 1957: known as the Gold Coast Police Force
  • 1957 – known as the Ghana Police Service


The Police Service is a single cohesive unit, organized on national basis with a unified command under the leadership of the Inspector General of Police [IGP], who, subject to any direction/directives from the Police Council, is responsible for exercising general day-to-day supervision and control over the Administration and Operation of the Police Service.

The Police Service, which has a very compact but flexible organization, aims at accomplishing the Service’s mission at all times.

The following are the main functions of the service:

  • The protection of life and property
  • Prevention and detection of crime
  • Apprehension and prosecution of offenders
  • Preservation of peace and good order
  • Enforcement of all laws Acts, Decrees and other regulations with which it is directly charged.


To be a world-class Police Service capable of delivering Planned, Democratic, Protective and Peaceful services up to standards of international best practice.


The Ghana Police Service exists to deliver services in Crime Prevention Detection, Apprehension and Prosecution of offenders consistent with the expectations of Ghana stakeholders for Maximum Protection, Safe, Secure and Peaceful Communities.


  • To be honest in our activities. To be firm but fair.
  • Work in partnership with the community.

Regional divisions

Apart from the National Police Headquarters, all the regional divisions have subdivisions under them.[3] The aim of this is to decentralize the activities of the regional police force for more effective and flexible

Special units

External video
 Police Drills

There are, furthermore, specialized police units in all the regional divisions. The Regional Commander has oversight over these units. These units include:[3]

  • Motor Transport and Traffic Unit (MTTU)
  • Highway Patrol Unit (HPU)
  • Public Affairs Directorate (PAD)
  • Courts and Prosecution
  • Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU)
  • Rapid Deployment Force (RDF)
  • National Protection Unit (NPU)
  • Arms and Ammunition
  • Finance Offices
  • Audit Offices
  • Crime Offices
  • Research, Planning & ICT Offices
  • Serious Fraud Unit (SFU)
  • Ghana Crime Unit
  • Formed police unit (FPU)

Marine Police Unit

In April 2011, the Ghana Police Service set up a special Marine Police Unit (MPU).[4] The unit has amongst its duties policing operations related to the country’s oil and gas industry,[3] and the handling of offenses contained in the Fisheries Act 2002 and Fisheries Regulations 2011.

The Marine Unit was inaugurated in Takoradi on 21 June 2013 by Vice President Kwesi Amissah-Arthur. The unit operates two 9-meter patrol boats (P1 & P2) and four 6.3-meter rigid inflatable boats (P3, P4, P5 & P6).[5]


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