Fantana exposed her ‘panty liner’ at Reign concert

Wardrobe malfunction which accidentally exposes some private parts of renowned personalities is not a new phenomenon in the entertainment industry, but the interesting thing is that it mostly happens to women.

In Ghana, the issue mostly attracts backlash from various sections of the public who usually describe the personality involved as indecent or lacking a good stylist.

Several Ghanaian females ‘celebrities’ have suffered wardrobe malfunction but what is not clear is if they intentionally pull such fails for clout or indeed happens accidentally.

In the camp of RuffTown Records, two renowned female signees have in recent times been in the news for suffering similar gaffe.

Wendy Shay, in April 2019 suffered a major wardrobe malfunction for wearing a skimpy dress which turned out to be extremely revealing. She also became a subject of mockery for flashing her boobs at the Golden Movie Awards.

The latest to join the list is Fantana, also from the camp of RuffTown records who is being mobbed by social media users for revealing ‘unwanted’ details to fans at Saturday night’s reign concert.

The singer who wore a short and very racy dress to perform ended up showing her panty and liner to the world.

Some people are failing to sympathise with her, questioning why she didn’t wear any underpants knowing very well her dress was overly revealing.

Watch the video below;

Fantana exposed her ‘panty liner’ at Reign concert

Fantana exposed her ‘panty liner’ at Reign concert

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