District Level Election Does Not Involve Political Parties – NCCE

The National chairman of NCCE, Madam Josephine Nkrumah in an interviewed with the media stated that commission has vigorously take this opportunity to educate,organize and sensitize Ghanaian citizens about upcoming district level election which will be held on 17 December 2019.

She then entreated everyone to participate in the the election. Citizens who qualify to vote must create awareness to Ghanaian so they can carry the message along and across the country. In order for the referendum to be successful, there must be 75% turn out vote in favour of the amendment article 55(3) stated that runs political party to participate in multi level election in the district level election.

More so,Speaking to the Regional Director of the NCCE, Mr Wilson Arthur, the article 55(3) entrenched the provision of the district level election which does not allow any political party to take part in the district election. And since it is entrenched provision it is only through the referendum that amend it.
Again, All of the political parties sponsor the district level election and political parties are not allow to sponsor the district level election.
So He Then urge Ghanaian citizens to go and decide on 17 December that whether they want political party to be involve themselves in district level election or not.

He made this statement during the lunching of citizens awareness raising campaign on the 2019 district level election and referendum for the amendment article 55 clause (3) in Ghana’s constitution.

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